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Grief: A Journey of Discovery
Journey of Discovery
When was the last time you went on a journey? A journey of any duration needs a lot of preparation. When it comes to the journey through grief, I think it is safe to say that very few people understand what this journey will be like. Many do not understand that a grieving person can actually determine the outcome!

The journey through grief, like any other journey, takes some careful planning.  Read on. 
Preparing for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Holidays
Preparing for Special Days
The first year of special days can be especially difficult. You will face the first wedding anniversary, birthday, and anniversary of the person's death. A certain amount of anxiety before one of these special days is quite normal. These feelings will be reduced if you plan ahead...
How to Deal with the Emotions of Taking Care of a Loved One's Belongings.
Dealing with the Emotions When you are faced with the responsibility of sorting through or packing up the belongings of a loved one, it can seem like an overwhelming task. 

While it is never easy dealing with the possessions of a deceased loved one, it is possible to address the task in an efficient way.   Read these helpful tips...
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Understanding a Grieving Child
Understanding a Grieving ChildThe death of a loved one affects your entire family.  The death of a grandparent, parent, caregiver or friend may be especially difficult for a child.  Be aware and observant of your children during this journey of grief.  While they may not be able to verbalize their pain, you may see it through their behavior. Learn how to help a child heal... 
Daily Encouragement
Daily Affirmations When someone you love dies, grieving that loss can take a long time.  We want to be your daily companion, helping you to let the sun shine back into your life. These daily emails provide encouragement and gentle reminders of the recovery process. Interested?  Click here to learn more.
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